Certainteed Landmark Moire Black

Roof & Gutter Replacement: Certainteed Landmark in Fairfax, VA

Andrew G. recently reached out to Schaefer Burdett Exteriors for a roof replacement, gutter replacement, and soffit repair estimate.  Andrew did extensive research on companies in Northern Virginia and ended up reaching out to SBE after seeing their Angie’s List Super Service Award, Google Guaranteed status, and stellar Yelp reviews.

Schaefer Burdett was able to come and visit with Andrew within 4 days.  Josh met with Andrew and talked a little bit about the company and ended up emailing the estimate so Andrew could speak with his wife about the job.

Andrew’s roof was 20 years old and had visible damage on the shingles as well as minor leaks inside.  He reached out to several contractors and decided Schaefer Burdett would serve him better than any other company in the area.  He also had visible soffit damage.  While it’s easy to find a contractor to replace just your roof, it can actually be challenging to find a company that can do it all.  When SBE finished the job, the home looked visibly newer and had an improved curb appeal.  Check out the before and after pictures and decide for yourself!

Schaefer Burdett offers competitive financing plans, accepts all major credit cards, and offers cash discounts for all projects.  If your roof is aging, if you notice leaks, or if you’d like a free inspection please reach out to SBE today and we’ll get you set up with a consultation.  Please reach out to us at 703.628.7663 or tell us more about your project here: https://www.schaeferburdett.com/contact/

After! Certainteed Landmark in Moire Black with new gutters.
New gutters!