Trim Replacement in Vienna, VA

Trim Replacement in Vienna, VA using Azek with James Hardie Fiber Cement

Our next customer journey is a unique one.  This customer reached out to us with a 4 year old, beautiful modern home with James Hardie fiber cement and extensive wood trim (about 3,000 feet of trim, to be exact!). There were several issues the builder left on the home.  The primary issue was the water was draining into wood trim with no flashing, causing premature wood rot.  Since the homeowner just invested into this beautiful Vienna single family home, they decided to treat the symptoms in one fell swoop on the whole home.

After two thorough site inspection with both SBE owners, Josh and Toby recommended to have almost all the existing wood trim replaced using a composite PVC white trim.  Doing this eliminates the need for maintenance and the possibility of wood rot.  A thorough estimate was provided on the spot to Steve, the homeowner, and a decision to move forward was reached shortly thereafter.

Schaefer Burdett uses DocuSign to send proposals, allowing you to view the written estimate in the comfort of your own home without anyone pressuring you to make a decision.  Once you sign the DocuSign agreement, SBE is notified right away and reaches out with a welcome email and next steps.  For the deposit, SBE uses QuickBooks invoicing tools to send you a secure payment portal where you can use either an e-bank transfer or credit/debit card.  This allows you to pay at your convenience and you don’t have to schedule a time to speak with an SBE representative.  For those customers that are more traditional, we can also accept credit/debit card over the phone or personal checks.

Schaefer Burdett also offers financing through our bank partner, EnerBank.  EnerBank offers over 20 financing plans to meet every term and interest rate need you can think of.  The approval process is super fluid and takes about 5 minutes over the phone.  All the loan documents can be signed and viewed on an online portal with EnerBank.  Schaefer Burdett offers a variety of 0% financing plans through EnerBank.

The trim project was completed in a matter of days.  One of the primary concerns with the job was that the trim butted directly up to fiber cement siding, which required a very careful dismount.  After the job was done, SBE was able to apply touch up paint and replacement panels as necessary to make the property look better than new!  The homeowners were extremely happy and left the following review on Google, where Schaefer Burdett is a Google Guaranteed partner:

Schaefer Burdett regularly ensures are customers are ecstatic with the final product.  We are in the business of protecting one of your largest investments, your home, and beautifying it in the process.  We love delighting our customers and would love to have the opportunity to serve you.  If you’re in need of roofing, siding, windows, or door work please contact us here.  All pictures shown in this post are of the job after completion.