Certainteed Landmark Moire Black

Roof & Gutter Replacement: Certainteed Landmark in Fairfax, VA

Andrew G. recently reached out to Schaefer Burdett Exteriors for a roof replacement, gutter replacement, and soffit repair estimate.  Andrew did extensive research on companies in Northern Virginia and ended up reaching out to SBE after seeing their Angie’s List Super Service Award, Google Guaranteed status, and stellar Yelp reviews.

Schaefer Burdett was able to come and visit with Andrew within 4 days.  Josh met with Andrew and talked a little bit about the company and ended up emailing the estimate so Andrew could speak with his wife about the job.

Andrew’s roof was 20 years old and had visible damage on the shingles as well as minor leaks inside.  He reached out to several contractors and decided Schaefer Burdett would serve him better than any other company in the area.  He also had visible soffit damage.  While it’s easy to find a contractor to replace just your roof, it can actually be challenging to find a company that can do it all.  When SBE finished the job, the home looked visibly newer and had an improved curb appeal.  Check out the before and after pictures and decide for yourself!

Schaefer Burdett offers competitive financing plans, accepts all major credit cards, and offers cash discounts for all projects.  If your roof is aging, if you notice leaks, or if you’d like a free inspection please reach out to SBE today and we’ll get you set up with a consultation.  Please reach out to us at 703.628.7663 or tell us more about your project here: https://www.schaeferburdett.com/contact/

After! Certainteed Landmark in Moire Black with new gutters.
New gutters!

Roof Replacement: Cedar Shake to Certainteed Belmont in Great Falls, VA

Schaefer Burdett Exteriors (SBE) is exciting to announce: we will be posting regular blog posts about our projects.  We understand that when customers begin the process of researching companies to invest with for projects like roofing, siding, windows, doors and gutters, it can be a bit daunting.  The aim of these blog posts is to show the extensive work that SBE puts into each and every job in order to deliver a top-quality end result – a finished exterior remodeling project that brings the homeowner peace of mind.

In these posts, we will talk about the customer journey, the type of project, and other relevant details about the process.  Our first customer to highlight is Jim B in Great Falls, VA.  Jim reached out to SBE regarding drywall staining in one of his upstairs rooms.  Josh and Toby, owners of SBE, conducted a site visit to inspect the issue.

Josh and Toby went inside to inspect the initial damage in the room, then went into the adjacent attic to inspect further.  After doing a thorough internal inspection, Toby went on the cedar shake roof and inspected the condition of the roof.  After a full review, Josh and Toby informed Jim that the issue of drywall discoloration was due to poor ventilation of the roof.  Josh also informed Jim that the cedar shakes were beyond their usable life and recommended a full roof replacement in order to provide a comprehensive solution.

Jim’s wife was not present for the appointment, so he decided to speak with his wife before proceeding with the job.  After one week of deliberation, Jim decided to proceed with a full roof replacement on a 7,000+ square foot job.  Jim actually didn’t meet with any other roofers and fully trusted SBE’s pricing and recommendation, relying our robust online presence and after reading other customer reviews.  Trust is paramount when hiring a roofing contractor.

Within three weeks, SBE started the roofing job and finished within 3 days, including a thorough clean up and final inspection.  Jim and his wife decided to change the roofing material to Certainteed Belmont in Shenandoah (brown).  The new luxury asphalt shingle maintained an elegant look on the Great Falls single family home. 

SBE is a “Shingle Master” through Certainteed, meaning we offer a 4-star warranty that is backed by Certainteed, one of the largest shingle manufacturers in the world.  Certainteed Belmont carries a 50-year, non-prorated warranty for materials, as well as a 130 mph wind warranty.  SBE also offers a 10 year “no questions asked” workmanship warranty for this type of roof replacement.  SBE offers 24-hour emergency roofing services for all previous and existing roofing customers and we take pride in delivering top-notch customer service.

If your home needs roofing, siding, windows, doors, or gutters, please reach out to SBE today!  You can email us at [email protected] or call at 703.628.7663.  Please mention the “Belmont Blog Post” to receive $250 off your project.  SBE offers financing and accepts all major credit cards, including American Express. You can also contact us here: https://www.schaeferburdett.com/contact/

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