Repair vs. Replace

The age old question in roofing is how much longer will it last. “Can you just put up a quick patch job and give it a few years?” “I think we’ll wait till the Spring to do anything serious.” “Will this fix the leak?” 

The questions above are just a small sample of real questions asked by our customers and it’s likely you have the same ones. While it may seem like an easy thing to just throw up some shingles in a compromised area, often more times than not it is quite a bit more complicated. The process of patching starts with the age of your roof. Generally, it is not good practice to confidently go in repairing a damaged area of asphalt shingles when the roof is above 10 years old. The main reason for this comes down to The Brittle Test. This is basically a way for roofers to determine if shingles surrounding the compromised area will lift without becoming compromised themselves. In order for a shingle to properly be installed, you have to lift the shingles above in order to nail along the proper lines and keep a watertight seal throughout the roof. If a crease forms on any of the surrounding shingles, that set has been compromised and can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs to continue working, that is, if the worker even tells you. Schaefer Burdett Exteriors will always perform the brittle test before working on any repair related job. This ensures we are able to warranty any part of the roof we work on as well as inform you of other issues that come up.

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